Sermon on Easter Morning

May God bless you and protect you on this glorious Easter – sons and daughters of the Georgian Orthodox Church in California.

Today, eternal life – Jesus Christ has been resurrected upon humanity. From sun up to sun down the world shall rejoice, for He is the savior of all beings. The gates of Heaven are open and the angels are singing in beautiful harmony.

Be happy and rejoice! The Christ has risen and the torch of eternal light and happiness has been lit!

Today is the first nightlong celebration of the glorious Easter in San Francisco. Today is the first time that St. Nino’s cross has been displayed here with it the grace of the Georgian Orthodox Church has been cast upon all children of our church.

As you already know, it’s been a year since we’ve been conducting services in San Francisco and Los Angeles, and since we’re talking about the happiness of Easter, I’d like to also touch upon church related matters. This last year has shown how hungry our fellow Georgians are for the grace of our church, for the unity, and for the love of one another. We have overcome many challenges – without our mother church – and we have prayed and wept for our country facing some of its scariest obstacles. We had no choice but to attend ceremonies at various different churches to seek spiritual comfort. Of course, all Orthodox Churches are similar, but just how everyone loves their own mother the most, so do we love and cherish our own church the most. No other church could replace our own Georgian church and today we’re glorifying God in our mother language. Our parishioners are like spiritual missionaries of this corner of the world. Our ancient church, with its 17 century history and traditions, is being established in front of our eyes. Our ancestors, when they were building new Georgian churches and monasteries in other countries, were true worshippers of Christ, not only by preaching, but by doing. But what they always valued the most was their love of God and for each other.

Orthodox Church does not belong solely to any country or nation. It is a religion of love, which cannot be made private. We know that for many centuries, some of the world’s largest empires worshiped the Orthodox Church. Some of those empires no longer exist, but the Orthodox Church is still here and will remain here for eternity. In Georgia, the Orthodox Church has never been forced upon anyone; it was always the beginning and continuation of love. And so it remains today, and we see that this same love is displayed by everyone here.

From today’s divine scriptures, we have one again experienced God’s grace and we have seen that Jesus Christ is not only a real human but also a real God who came down from heaven and was incarnated by The Holy spirit. He was crucified, suffered, and was buried, but on the third day he rose again and ascended into heaven and sitteth on the right hand of the Father. He is the one who always was, is, and always will be … both now and ever and unto the ages of ages.

The miracle of Easter is an attainable secret – God became a man and man became a God (through his grace). God sacrificed himself on the cross so that we could have eternal life with him in heaven.

So please join me brothers and sisters and receive Christ’s flesh and feel his eternal love.

Christ has risen! Indeed he is risen!

Christ has risen! Indeed he is risen!

Christ has risen! Indeed he is risen!

In Christ, Igumen ioane Kavsadze

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